We specialize in bilingual (English-Spanish) assessment.


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We understand the impact of our services in your district, your faculty, and more important the children you serve. We proudly provide services and value beyond most expectations.

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AB Evaluations delivers the full range of psychological services within the public schools of Texas. Our services are targeted to improve Instructional Management, School Climate, Personnel, Student, and Community Growth and Development

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Our people are the foundation of our success and the key to our future. This insight is behind all of our efforts to keep our employees fulfilled and committed to delivering value to our clients.

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  • "Enable the Disabled; Translate Disability into Ability; Capability, a winning Opportunity-Indeed a Reality"

    -Dr Veena Kumari
  • "You've developed the strength of a draft horse while holding onto the delicacy of a daffodil ... you are the mother, advocate and protector of a child with a disability"

    -Lori Borgman
  • "Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult times"

    - Allen Klein
  • “Make the most of whatever it is that floats your boat…”

    -Sir Ken Robinson

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